International Students


Kelmscott Senior High School keenly supports the education of international students. Our school offers a unique learning environment, whilst also providing access to range of academic and enrichment programs.


Situated in Perth’s south-eastern suburbs our school is easily accessible by a range of public transport links.


Kelmscott Senior High School boats a range of state and school based specialist programs, offering high level of academic to student Gifted and Talented Education program. With our focus on high achievement, we are able to offer a wide variety of ATAR and General programs in Years 11 & 12, with a breadth of courses across all learning disciplines.


Recognising the importance of the pastoral needs of international students, your child will be mentored by our staff from enrolment to graduation. We are aware and understanding of the variety of challenges international student face when they are away from home, as well as the social needs and support they require when adjusting to a new school and peer group.

International Student Support Services


International students are supported by a Deputy Principal, Student Coordinator and highly experienced caring teachers. Special orientation and pastoral care programs enable International Students to develop friendships with each other as well as our student cohort. This enables them to feel welcome within the school community.


With a keen focus on the pastoral care of students, our school has a well-developed Homeroom system, Kelmscott SHS has a very strong focus on pastoral care, based on a year system. Each year group has a Year Coordinator to foster the school ethos. A positive rapport exists between staff and students. The personal development and academic progress of students are monitored by the our Gell Centre Team. This team is led by the Manager of Student Services.



If you decide that Kelmscott Senior High School is the ideal school for you, an application form can be sent to the TAFE International WA (TIWA) who are the agency who coordinate international study and services for government schools and colleges in Western Australia.


Please visit the TAFE International WA (TIWA) Website at to view the application forms and learn more about the enrolment process.