Vocational Education and Training (VET), Workplace Learning (WPL) and Careers


The Kelmscott Senior High School Vocational Education and Training (VET) program allows senior school students to take part in nationally recognised qualifications while completing their WACE.  These programs are stand-alone Certificate qualifications within the Australian Qualification Framework.  They may be delivered at Kelmscott Senior High School or at a State Training Provider or Private Training Provider.


The Workplace Learning program (WPL) is where students participate in a work placement in a workplace of interest to them.  It is a fantastic opportunity for students to improve their workplace and employability skills whilst providing them with an opportunity to work in a range of industry areas.

The VET and WPL Team provide the following service to students:

  • Course information
  • Access to Certificate courses and other training options. Click here to access Certificate qualifications offered at Kelmscott Senior High School
  • Assistance with School Based traineeships / apprenticeships and pre-apprenticeships in schools (PAiS)
  • Help with State Training Provider (STP) applications
  • Organise and oversee Workplace Learning
  • Resources for students to assist them in making career and further education choices
  • Information on Endorsed Programs