Local Intake Area

Nestled near the rolling hills of the Darling Range, Kelmscott Senior High School is located in the City of Armadale. Our school is easily accessed by a range of public transport links, for our students who live out of area and accessing our specialist programs.


Kelmscott Senior High School is a school of choice within our local and extended community. We are pleased to offer placement to those who reside within our defined local intake area; as well as those who live outside our local intake area via the range of approved specialist programs we offer.

Applications from parents/guardians outside our local intake area (see local intake area map) are considered with the number being determined by the school’s capacity to accommodate further enrolments based on the following criteria:


  • First Priority – A child qualifying for a specialist program approved by the Director General for that year.
  • Second Priority –A child who has a sibling also enrolled at the school in the current year. Siblings can only be accepted when accommodation is available.
  • Third Priority – A child who does not have a sibling enrolled at the school in the current year; who lives nearest to Kelmscott Senior High School with the distance being measured in a straight line on a horizontal plane.

Intake Area


Intake area maps can be viewed by visiting one of the links below:



As requests for out-of-area enrolments far exceed the number of places available, families from outside of local intake area are advised to first enrol their children at their local area school as unfortunately our capacity to accept these enrolments has been limited in recent years.