School Board

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Our School Board was inaugurated in 2016 upon the school gaining Independent Public School status. The School Board consists of school representatives and community representatives. The functions of the Board are as provided in Section 128 of the School Education Act and include:


  • A focus on improving learning outcomes for all students.
  • A shared vision and a plan reflecting the broad values of the school community.
  • Active involvement in endorsing the School’s Delivery and Performance Agreement, Budget, Business Plan and Annual Report.
  • Monitoring progress towards the achievement of goals.
  • Promoting meaningful parent and community participation and representing the views of its school community.
  • Deciding on issues related to charges and contributions.
  • An advocacy role to enhance the operations of the school.

School Board Members

Name Position
Mark Jeffery Acting Principal
Belinda Dunkley Chairperson
Meredith van der Klip Secretary
Adrian Penistan (On Leave) Senior Leadership Team Representative
Jennifer Nicholls Non-teaching Staff Representative
Hayder Atti Teaching Staff Representative
Paul Thomas Parent Representative
Stuart McDowall Parent Representative
Roy Dobson Parent Representative
Louise Thomas Parent Representative
Chris Horgan Community Representative
Adrian Penistan Deputy Principal Representative