Careers & VET

Vocational Education and Training (VET), Workplace Learning (WPL) and Careers

The Kelmscott Senior High School Vocational Education and Training (VET) program allows senior school students to take part in nationally recognised qualifications while completing their WACE.  These programs are stand-alone Certificate qualifications within the Australian Qualification Framework.  They may be delivered at Kelmscott Senior High School or at a State Training Provider or Private Training Provider.


The Workplace Learning program (WPL) is where students participate in a work placement in a workplace of interest to them.  It is a fantastic opportunity for students to improve their workplace and employability skills whilst providing them with an opportunity to work in a range of industry areas.

The VET and WPL Team provide the following service to students:

  • Course information
  • Access to Certificate courses and other training options. Click here to access Certificate qualifications offered at Kelmscott Senior High School
  • Assistance with School Based traineeships / apprenticeships and pre-apprenticeships in schools (PAiS)
  • Help with State Training Provider (STP) applications
  • Organise and oversee Workplace Learning
  • Resources for students to assist them in making career and further education choices
  • Information on Endorsed Programs

Endorsed Program – Workplace Learning (WPL)

Workplace Learning (WPL) is an authority-developed endorsed program which provides an opportunity for a student to demonstrate and develop increasing competence in the core skills for work.


It is a great opportunity for students to improve their workplace and employability skills whilst providing them with an opportunity to work in a range of industry areas.


To complete this endorsed program, a student works in a real workplace environment to develop a set of transferable workplace skills.  The student must record the number of hours completed and the tasks undertaken in the workplace in a Workplace Learning Logbook.  The student must also provide evidence of their knowledge and understanding of the workplace skills by completing a Workplace Learning Skills Journal after each 55 hours completed in the workplace.

Students are required to complete a minimum of 110 hours of work placement each year.   Successful completion of hours and all associated logbooks and skills journals achieves unit equivalents towards student’s WACE achievement.

  • Less than 55 hours = 0 unit equivalents
  • 55 – 109 hours = 1 unit equivalents
  • 110 – 164 hours = 2 unit equivalents
  • 165 – 219 hours = 3 unit equivalents
  • 220 -+ hours = 4 unit equivalents

All students must ensure they have completed the following prior to going on work placement:

  • Workplace Learning Inductions – in class during weeks 1-5 of Term 1
  • Safety Awareness Training and White Card (if applicable) – this is a legal requirement for students who wish to do their work placement and the Building and Construction Industry)
  • SmartMove Certificates – 1 x General Module and 1 x Industry Area (choose one that may be your chosen career path).  Certificates to be emailed or handed to the Workplace Learning Coordinator in the VET Office.
  • Click here to access the SmartMove site to complete your certificate.

If the above is not completed the student may be considered ‘not work ready’ and
may not be permitted to attend Workplace Learning.

Students are unable to attend work placement outside of pre-determined dates as they will not be covered by Department of Education Insurance.


We encourage students to find their own placement.


Workplace Learning release day will be on Friday’s during Terms 1 – 4.  Thursdays may be considered by this is subject to approval by the Manager VET and Workplace Learning.


Students are required to attend on all pre-determined days and any absences due to illness must be explained by a medical certificate.  Students need to notify their Employer and the school Workplace Learning Coordinator via email or phone message by 8:00am on the morning of the absence or as soon as possible.


Students are expected to attend their school exams or attend courses that they are enrolled in at external training providers.  It is the student’s responsibility to advise their employer if they will be absence for either of the above reasons.

For further information please contact
the VET and WPL Team:

James Rogan

Manager, VET and Workplace Learning

Elizabeth Richards

Workplace Learning / Rural Operations Lecturer

Mel Adams

VET and Workplace Learning Support Officer

Career Development

Our motto at Kelmscott Senior High School is “Strive for Excellence”. We understand that this can be an overwhelming, yet exciting time for students.  That is why we have developed a multilayered career development program to support all students.  Key features include:

  • Pathway preparation and planning which incorporate 21st Century skills needed for your future success
  • Opportunity to participate in our Workplace Learning Program
  • Participation in career education and work exploration activities which will support the development of your learner profile for your future

Not sure of your career path?

If you are not sure of the exact career you want to follow, start with the Jobs & Skills WA OR Jobs & Skills Australia websites. These websites can help you make decisions about study and training, your first job, or the next step in your career. Follow links to job vacancies and related courses.

Exploring your interests

Exploring careers that interest you to learn about future outlooks, pay, main tasks, physical and other demands can be found at Skills Road Find out about the skills, knowledge and abilities you may need for career areas. Get ideas for careers you can aim for now or in the future. Follow links to job vacancies and related courses.

Considering an Apprenticeship or Traineeship?

The Australian Apprenticeships & Traineeships Information Service provides information for students / people considering careers through an apprenticeship or traineeship.

Considering a Career in the Defence Forces

The Australian Defence Force is the military organisation responsible for the defence of the Commonwealth of Australia and its national interests. It has three branches: the Royal Australian Navy, Australian Army and the Royal Australian Air Force.

Career Coaching Information for Parents

If you require assistance to talk to your child about careers and career planning, a helpful guide can be accesses here.

Career Taster Program

The Career Taster Program offers the following:

  • Industry-led experiences and activities that will introduce students to new and different areas of work and career opportunities
  • Career development training that will assist students in making informed decisions on their subject selections and post-school options

Other helpful career information sites

The National Careers Institute (NCI)  have access to reliable and accurate careers information, resources and support.

The myfuture website provides resources to explore career pathways and tools to develop self-knowledge to help with career decision-making.


For further information please contact our Career Practitioner:


Della Smith-Rawlins

Career Practitioner