School Based Rowing Program


Students enrolled at Kelmscott Senior High School in year 7 may nominate for the school rowing program to commence in year 8.

Students undertake the rowing program before school, commencing at 7:30am, together with session one on Tuesdays.  There is also one classroom based session per week.


Selection Criteria

  • Students will be required to swim 100 metres competently in rowing clothing. All squad members will be assessed at the Armadale Aquatic Centre. It is mandatory that all squad members meet this swimming requirement, to ensure that they can reach a shoreline if they capsize. Students who do not meet this strict swimming standard will not be allowed to participate in rowing.
  • Display mature, responsible and safe behaviour in Rowing and across the school.
  • Attend the majority of practical sessions at Champion Lakes (running before school at 7:30am on Tuesday).
  • Explain any absences with written notification from parents or a health care practitioner.



At present the squad comprises 25 students, managed by two level 1 coaches—Mr Joe Kalajzich and Mr Michael Panizza. This coaching is augmented on occasions by senior coaches who are Champion Lakes Boating Club Inc (CLBC) members.



  • Each student will be required to become a member of an All Schools Program member of the Champion Lakes Boating Club Inc. Club fees for junior rowers are currently set at $200.00 per annum. The club uses this income to maintain boats, purchase equipment and for the Rowing WA registration fees.


Students who have access to a Health Care card will be asked to apply to the Department of Sport & Recreation’s “Kidsport”program. This program will cover the cost of the CLBC Schools membership. Application forms will be provided to eligible Year 7 students during 2016.

For further information regarding the Rowing Program please contact
Mr Michael Panizza on 9495 7463