School Based Athletics Program


This is a program for students with a serious interest in track and/or field events and is done in conjunction with the normal physical education program together with a program outside of normal school hours. Kelmscott SHS is currently the only specialised athletics school in WA. The course covers all aspects of track and field, including coaching, officiating, participating and theory components.

Athletics students have the opportunity to participate in a large range of inter-school meetings including inter-school, cross country, clan and international events.

  • The School Based Program is endorsed by the state sporting athletics organization “Athletics WA” (formerly Athletica).
  • All classes (years 8—12) have 4 athletics lessons per week (as per core subjects) involving weekly strength and conditioning, technique work and theory.
  • The program has it’s own theory room fitted with computers and DVD—(providing access to the latest track and field video footage, research and video analysis).
  • Year 10, 11 and 12 athletics will participate in compulsory training sessions with Curtin Senior Athletics Club (as part of an excursion).
  • All year 10, 11 and 12 athletics students will compete in at least one event in the State All Schools Championships.
  • Year 10 students will complete their officiating certificate and officiate at compulsory senior athletics meets.
  • All athletes will have an opportunity to travel and compete in interstate competitions at least every 2 years.


Success of the Program

Students who have benefited from our program have gone on to become: an Olympic pole-vaulter, AFL players, Australian netballers and West Coast Fever players, national and state soccer and state baseball players.

Kelmscott has won the Interschool Athletics Carnival (A Division) from 2002—2006, runners-up 2007-2010 and champions again in 2011 (winning by 200 points) and runner up in 2014. Each year an average of 15 students from the program represent WA at state level, 30 win state medals and a number of students are currently involved with the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS).

Our knockout team consistently beats private schools at the state finals to qualify for the National Final.

During their first year of high school students interested in athletics can be involved in after school training programs and interschool competitions. Students qualifying for entry to the Athletics Program join specialist classes in the following year.