Specialist Music Program


The Specialist Music Program at Kelmscott Senior High School is recognized as one of the top music programs in the South East Metropolitan corridor. It has a long tradition of excellence in instrumental and choral performance and in providing opportunities for students who aspire to tertiary study in music in the future. Many graduates of the program now have very successful professional careers as music teachers, performers, music administrators and/or composers in WA, interstate and internationally.

Our bands and choirs have performed at many prestigious events including those for the Prime Minister of Australia and the Governor of Western Australia. Music students also have opportunities to perform at festivals within WA, and in music tours interstate and overseas. In addition, the school is very proud of the musical productions and concerts that feature the music students on a regular basis.

The Music curriculum introduces our students to a broad range of musical styles (including Indigenous, Jazz and Pop music) with a special emphasis on Western Art Music.  Our students develop their theory knowledge and musicianship by using technology, singing and playing together in class, in various groups and by learning how to create their own music.

Students receive free tuition on one instrument or voice.  Instruments are available for hire for beginners and for students who are playing very expensive instruments, such as the Double Bass, Tuba, Euphonium, Horn, Oboe,  Bassoon.

Students who enter the program are expected to attend Choir and a relevant instrumental/vocal ensemble rehearsal each week before or after school.

For further information regarding the Specialist Music Program please contact
Julie Roberts on 9495 7438

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A Further Opportunity for Specialist Music Students

During their first year at high school students are selected for the Kelmscott Extension Programs (K.E.P.) in English, Science, Mathematics and Society & Environment. K.E.P. students study accelerated programs and are involved in  excursions related to their learning activities and enter a range of national academic competitions.

It is expected that many talented students entering the Music Programs will qualify to enter K.E.P. Programs.