School Farm


Secondary Program

With an ongoing attendance of over 350 students onsite, the secondary program involves the students from Year 8 to Year 12.

Subjects range from the Specialist Agricultural Science for Year 8 students, to the Stage 2 “Animal Production Systems” for Year 11 and 12 students.

Both of these have a high practical activity component, with the latter also being an ATAR subject. The senior students in this course have the opportunity to become involved in:

  • WA Youth Cattle Handlers’ Camp at Brunswick
  • Student Paraders and Led Steer & Heifer competitions at the Royal Show
  • Cattle Handlers’ Competition in the Kelmscott Show

This public involvement is also of considerable value because of the association with other agricultural faculties and colleges, metropolitan students being involved in Agriculture in a practical manner, and the promotion of Agriculture to the wider metropolitan population through media exposure.

Throughout the 5 years of secondary agricultural studies, the students have access to a wide range of horticultural and agricultural subjects, trained and experienced staff and facilities & equipment pertinent to their study area.

Primary Program

With an ongoing attendance of nearly 5000 visiting primary students and 800 accompanying adults annually, the Primary Agricultural Awareness program is the premium program for Agricultural Awareness in the wider metropolitan area.

With a hands-on practical experience for the children, the visitors experience the different facets of farm life, with practical activities in horticulture, animal husbandry and care, and everyday farm tasks.

Highlights of the half-day, full-day and overnight visits include:

  • Shearing demonstrations followed by a sheepdog demonstration
  • Milking demonstrations, with then the use of the milk with nursery animals
  • Cooking (showing the use of primary ingredients in scone-making)
  • Nursery animal handling
  • Involvement in the vegetable garden
  • Inspection of the farm layout and machinery involved in farming
  • Awareness of the myriad roles that people within Agriculture play
  • The focus of People, Processes and Products in Agriculture in WA

For bookings or enquiries for the Primary visitation program, contact
Norm Hammond on 0409 688 853