The Specialist Agriculture Program at Kelmscott Senior High School is aimed at academically capable students with a keen interest in agriculture and the biological sciences.

This program enables students to develop practical skills relevant to plant and animal enterprises while extending their understanding of the concepts underpinning food and fibre production in modern Australia. Activities include industry-relevant excursions and students also have the opportunity to participate in activities run by the Primary Industry Centre for Science Education through Curtin University.

An accelerated agricultural curriculum is followed from Years 7—10. Students have access to a full range of facilities and staff expertise within the Agriculture Faculty. Enthusiastic and motivated students, preferably with some experience in animal care or plant production, and or interest in the environmental and biological sciences are welcome to apply for this course.

For further information regarding the Agriculture program please contact
Grant Armstrong on 9495 7478

A Further Opportunity for Specialist Agriculture Students

It is expected that a significant number of students entering the Specialist Agriculture Program will qualify to enter K.E.P. Programs.

During during their first year at high school students are selected for the Kelmscott Extension Programs (K.E.P.) in English, Mathematics and Society & Environment. K.E.P. students study accelerated programs and are involved in Master Classes after school hours, excursions related to their learning activities and enter a range of national academic competitions.