School Board


The Board is formed with the fundamental purpose of enabling parents and members of the community to engage in activities that are in the best interests of students that will enhance the education provided by the school.  Including activities that will improve the educational programs of the school or the management of the school’s facilities.

Board members and office bearers are elected at the Annual General Meeting (Third Thursday in March).  All parents and staff are encouraged to attend this meeting, as it provides an opportunity to experience at first hand the ideals and policies of our school.



Board meetings are held twice each term on Thursday, of Week 4 and Week 8, at 6:30 pm throughout the school year, when the school is in session. Many improvements and contributions have been made to the school through the positive energy of this group of interested people.



The Kelmscott Senior High School Board’s major purposes are as follows:

  • To provide a forum for dialogue between all members of the school community including staff, parents, students and members of the wider community.
  • To act as a body which facilitates and supports interest groups within the school.
  • To endorse and support school projects which enhance student learning facilities and amenities.
  • To provide representation, on behalf of parents of students, at official school functions.
  • To provide limited financial support to students chosen as members of cultural groups, sporting groups and state teams. This support is granted after the satisfying of set criteria.
  • To recommend, endorse and support school policy decisions (eg. School Uniforms).
  • To liaise between the school community and governing bodies (local, state or federal) over issues which affect the school community.
  • To provide official acknowledgment of excellence in the school.


2015 Highlights

Some of the key goals for 2015 were to ensure a smooth transition of the Year 7’s into the school and to continue to improve communications with parents and the greater community.  Also after feedback from students and parents with regards to new uniforms, actions have been taken to upgrade some key elements of the uniform for future production runs.

Financially supporting Year 7 GATE students who went to Kuala Lumpur for the World Scholars’ Cup, culminating in 3 medal winners.  A positive response from the Education Minister requesting funding for upgrading the Performing Arts facilities, to be included in the Department of Education’s next round of budgets. Support the replacement of the entry statement to the School Farm and adding some shelters for the Year 9 area.  Support the Music Department with an A/C and an accompanist for the choir and school production.  Supporting Design & Technology with an industrial table saw and graphics tablets for Photography.  Supporting some Lower School programs that will be used to support the students in developing good study habits early on and also building literacy skills.  Encouraging positive engagement with the community, the Board has offered some scholarships to the 5 contributory primary schools to Kelmscott Senior High School.

2015 brought the retirement of our long standing 20+ years Principal, Mr Tony Terry.  The Board was able to honour Mr Terry by naming the Year  7 block the “Tony Terry Wing”.

We welcome any parents and community members to join the School Board for 2016.  This is your opportunity to make a positive difference to our school community.  You can become a part of the parent body that can make a voice when our teachers or school staff cannot extend a voice of concern.  So do not underestimate the positive effect you can have around the school community.  We are here to make positive improvements to the learning environment whether that be helping purchase learning tools or lending our voice of support for a program or event.

A Board email address has been set up to facilitate communication with the Board and parents/carer’s.  Please fee free to communicate with us through this email address