Clan System

The Clan System gives students a sense of belonging.  It makes them part of a wider community, instead of being one individual at a school of individuals.

The System of having students belonging to a clan, and working together as a clan, promotes friendship, cooperation, empathy, teamwork and pride.

The Clan System places great importance upon recognising students who do the right thing within the school community, as well as providing activities which enable students to participate within that community


Key elements of the Clan System are:

  • The carnivals (both swimming and athletics)
  • Individual Clan points, certificates and prizes
  • Clan ativities (lunchtime sports)
  • Clan quizzes
  • Clan Captains and Leaders


Clan Points:

Students can be awarded Clan points for:

  • Classwork and classroom behaviour
  • Community service
  • School representation (eg sport and music)


Clan Certificates:

By earning Clan points students may be awarded certificates:

  • Bronze Certificate: 40 Clan Points
  • Silver Certificate: 70 Clan Points
  • Gold Certificate: 100 Clan Points
  • Platinum Certificate: 150 Clan Points


Clan Leaders 2016

Shar Wah BRUE (D7-2) Braydon FORREST (G7-1) Amelia MATTHEWS (L7-2) Mattieu TOMAS (M7-2)
Malory CLARSON (D7-3) Kyla GILBERTSON (G8-1) Samantha PEARSON (L7-3) BrandonVUONG (M7-3)
Hannah BLACKMAN (D8-2) Gokilan AINGARAMOORTHI (G10-1) Zac PEASLEY (L7-3) Saphire POW (M8-3)
Bailey DAWSON (D10-3) Sarah KEATING (G11-3) Evie O’FARRELL (L7-3) Lachlan RAWLINGS (M8-1)
Luke BUHLMANN (D12-4) Phoebe GRAHAM (G12-2) Kianna McCAROL (L9-1) Breeanna WESTCOTT (M10-3)