“I wanted you to know just how much Kelmscott SHS means to me. I have learnt as much as I possibly could from some of the world’s best teachers about subjects I now love. It feels like home to me, not only because it has taught me my two greatest passions in life; how to care for animals and environment through agriculture and biology as well as the language that I cherish so much through French, but because of the friendships that I have made for life.

Kelmscott SHS will always remain in my heart for what it has given me, and for this, I cannot thank you enough. Thank you.”

— Scott MacDonald (Former Student)

It was amazing studying at Kelmscott SHS. I remember the first day where there were thousands of people speaking a language I didn’t understand. Although at first it was difficult, everyone accepted me.

I learned a lot of things studying at Kelmscott SHS. As well as improving my English I have developed my own personality and gained a greater understanding of the differences between people and the importance of being spontaneous. I also appreciated the support I received from teachers and friends. I will never forget the things I have done and seen and learned.

Thank you very much for having me and please continue giving exchange students opportunities to study at your wonderful school.

— Arisa Miura (Japanese Exchange Student)

Many thanks for organising the students for this morning’s meeting/orientation to the Certificate 1 in Retail Services Skills Recognition project.
I am in and out of many Senior High Schools and found the standard dress and behaviour at Kelmscott SHS is as high as I have encountered.

It is a delight to be involved with a school which demands such high standards.  I look forward to a positive outcome for our students, the school and, of course, Challenger.

— Fay Budd, Workplace Trainer and Assessor, Challenger Institute of Technology