About Us


Our Vision – “Working together to create tomorrow’s citizens”

Kelmscott Senior High School, with a population of 1400 students, is a school of opportunity offering a large range of courses and exciting specialist programs together with outstanding facilities. Academically, Kelmscott Senior High School has always performed exceptionally well.

A key aspect of the reputation of the school is the supportive pastoral care system, which is complimented by a well disciplined, safe environment. Pride in the uniform and traditions of the school permeate the culture of Kelmscott Senior High School.

With a reputation based on positive values, academic excellence and extensive education opportunities the demand for placements at the school far exceed positions available.



In 2010, we had the following achievements:

  • Achieving a Top Public School Award for 2010
  • 100% Graduation rate
  • Top ATAR – 99.85
  • One course exhibitions
  • Nine curriculum council awards
  • Four certificates of distinction
  • Five certificates of excellence

On an annual basis students are also ranked within the top percentiles in a large range of national competitions. Former students have achieved recognition in the fields of medicine, law, engineering, drama, music and sport. Successful former students now offer scholarships to current high achieving Kelmscott students.