School Library

Library 1

Hours of opening: Monday to Friday 8:00am to 3:30pm
On-Line Access:    24 hours/day  7 days/week

The school Library welcomes all students and staff.

During the day there is a Teacher Librarian, two Library Assistants and at least one IT Technician on duty.  The librarians vigorously encourage the development of research skills and the promotion of reading.  They also show staff and students how to use computer software and network resources.

The Library houses Book materials: non-fiction, fiction and reference resources.  We now subscribe to THREE World Book Online Encyclopaedias and World Book Historic Timelines.  Students and staff and even their immediate family have 24/7 access within and outside the school and free access to their own space on the World Book Cloud server to save and even annotate articles they find during their research.  We also subscribe to e-Platform, an international consortium of e-books.  This affords students and staff 24/7 borrowing access to e-novels and other texts, all downloadable to computers, tablets and smartphones.

This Learning Environment has made extensive use of computer resources.  The Library has two IT classrooms of Windows desktop computers, three teaching areas and a research area kitted with a range of desktop and notebook computers covering both Windows and Macintosh platforms.  The fiction book collection hosts a reading area of comfortable armchairs.

Library 3
Library 2