School Library

Hours of opening: Monday to Friday 8:00am to 3:30pm

The school resource centre is open to students and staff.

During the day there is a teacher-librarian, two library assistants and a technician on duty. The teacher-librarians, particularly, encourage the development of research skills and the promotion of reading. They also teach staff and students how to use computer software and network resources.

Besides non-fiction, fiction and reference resources, the library provides a good careers reference centre, a vertical file section with curriculum related up-to-date material, a wide selection of periodicals and popular magazines. There is also an extensive collection of videos, CD ROMs and more recently DVD movies and interactive software. The library is fully automated using the Alice for Windows system.

The library has made extensive use of computer resources. The whole school is connected to the Internet via a high speed broadband link. In the library there is an Internet Technology Room with 24 computers and a CD ROM section with 12 computers. These areas are specifically set for CD ROM and online research and utilize CD sharing software to access over 45 CD ROM titles. Besides access to the Internet, all students have their own e-mail accounts eg., with which they can send, and receive work they have completed at home.

There is also a media centre attached to the library. This is a joint venture with Curtin University and provides access to online courses for Year 11 and 12 students. This facility is state of the art with eighteen high end computers, scanners, black and white and colour laser printing facilities, a video editing suite and DVD linked to a large wide screen TV, as well as video cameras for meetings via the Internet.